Tracking Control Panel

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The Savvi Trak control panel has the following features:

You can change the amount of position reports your Savvi Tracker sends. It offers 5 second tracking, sending its position to the panel every 5 seconds – right up to tracking every 4 hours.

Set a 360 degree virtual perimeter ‘Safety Zone’ around an area. When your tracker breaks this barrier either entering, exiting or both it will send you an instant SMS to your mobile phone notifying you of the full address
details. You are able to allocate 3 different numbers or emails to each Savvi Tracker.

Watch all your tracker’s movements in real live time. With the infinite history replay you can also see the direction and speed it was travelling at any given time or day.

You can view the battery strength at all times. The Savvi Tracker automatically sends the battery strength every 30 minutes. You can also receive low battery warnings via SMS and email.

You can customise the settings easily, to meet your exact requirements. You can have as many devices as you like working from one control panel, excellent for both families and businesses alike.

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